Kasi Business Hub: Contributing to Township Business Growth

One of the things that Covid19 accelerated in society, was the value entrepreneurs place in their digital presence. Establishments who never bothered to have a social media page or a website pre-Covid, have been forced to rethink their ways because of the potential of online business.

The Kasi Business Hub is a business that assists entrepreneurs grow their businesses digitally, especially start-ups. “We are an online business platform, and we aim to do kasi business apps (township business directory apps),” Themba Khumalo tells Spot-On.

He is one of the three founders and Directors of The Kasi Business Hub, the other two include Prince Mathebula and Juvie Morena. The three individuals are all entrepreneurs in their own right; Morena runs the NeoTino online store, while Mathebula is a professional cameraman who owns mobile carwash, Buffer Wash. Khumalo is the owner of app development and marketing company Zulu Systematic.

Kasi Business Hub Founders (from L-R): Themba Khumalo, Juvie Morena and Prince Mathebula. Photo supplied

Kasi Business Hub was found in November 2019 but officially became a business in June 2020 right in the thick of the Covid19 pandemic. “Everything that we’ve done so far is directly from our own pockets, no sponsors no grants. It has not been easy, but we keep pushing and make no excuses. Our first app so far is MAMSLiNK, an app for Mamelodi businesses,” says Khumalo.

Their MAMSLiNK app is available for download on Google Play, and it gives one access to the numerous establishments in the Pretoria township-a helpful tool to someone not familiar with the township. “We will be making more Township Business Apps for other townships such as Tembisa, Soweto, Thabong, Gugulethu etc. in the next few years,” Khumalo says.

Khumalo adds that they currently don’t charge businesses to be placed on their app nor do they charge businesses for the promotions they do on their Facebook page. “We do have a price list of start packages on our website.”

Their packages are broken down to three categories: Bronze, Gold and Platinum which vary in prices. These categories of service range from company registration, social media and website creation and management to help with Google Search Optimization.

The Kasi Business Hub is very passionate about the township economy and making a tangible difference in society. “In the past two decades we have been seeing a lot of malls in townships and these malls do not help the start-up township businesses as they are too expensive to rent a store in them,” says Khumalo.

“With our apps we aim to help township businesses to be on an online platform and this will greatly impact the township economy. It’s our vision to one day see more entrepreneurs from township become a success.”

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