Colour Soft Creative Printing: A Solution to Alex’s Printing Problems

Colour Soft Creative Printing is a business located in Alexandra township which offers printing of various kinds. “We print on garments (clothes, t-shirts etc.) mugs, large format printing, banners and stickers,” business owner Xola Maranjana tells Spot-On. The business was established in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic in June 2020.

“People were restricted to go anywhere so I was working from home, but I lost a lot of clients during lockdown. But as any business you have to stay positive and improvise,” says the 32-year-old Maranjana.

T-shirts printed at A mug printed at Colour Soft Creative Printing. Photo supplied

His biggest challenge currently is Eskom’s recurring blackouts. “It does have a big impact because it sets us back with clients orders we don’t finish in time and client get unhappy, but we always make a plan so that not all our clients are unhappy. Load shedding and cost of living is too high nowadays, so people seem to have less interest in printing gifts like mugs and t-shirts. But we do have support from the community non the less.”

A mug printed at Colour Soft Creative Printing. Photo supplied

Maranjana works alone and has no employees, but creating employment is he’s determined to do in the future. “I don’t have any employees yet, but I pray and hope that my business grows so I can also create jobs for the unemployed.”

The businessman is also a keen fashionista who also owns a clothing brand. “Gomtown by Box is my clothing brand that I started of by creating clothes for myself then people found interest in them, so I started selling them,” Maranjana says. Gomtown By Box apparel is available at local store, Township Brand Store. “It’s a shop that focuses on selling Kasi brands by our own people from Kasi.”

Xola wearing his brand, Gomtown by Box. Photo supplied

The store is located at Alex Mall and Maranjana says the store was not looted during last year’s riots which caused major damages in Alexandra. “Fortunately, it wasn’t affected, our shop is based in Alex mall so our security was tight thanks to the SADF and the Alex mall management (security) they couldn’t get in and loot us.”

Marajana sees Colour Soft Creative Printing expanding in future. “As a young businessman I’d like to expand my business so that everyone gets the quality service I give clients in South Africa and so that I can create jobs as well. It wasn’t easy getting where I am, I work hard so that I get and give to those who don’t have.”