Zenzelayo: A Kasi Business Doing It for Themselves

There is nothing as empowering as having a skill. The beauty of it is that you can start and build from where you are, with the little you have because you have the know-how. 26-year-old Ntokozo Mtsweni is an artisan who lives off the work of his hands through his business, Zenzelayo.

“I chose it [the name of the company] because everything we do comes from our hands. Siyazenzela (we do it ourselves) we don’t do reselling, we actually create,” Mtsweni shares with Spot-On.

Fittingly named Zenzelayo, which can be translated as ‘doing it for yourself’ it is a manufacturing company that Mtsweni founded in December 2015 but was only registered in September 2020.

“Zenzelayo is a company that deals with manufacturing and installations, focusing on steel work and woodwork. With regards to steel, this company specializes in welding and manufactures sliding gates, security burglars, carports, etcetera. With the woodwork we manufacture benches, bar stools, plates and more,” .

A cottage made by Zenzelayo. Photo supplied
Poolside lounger manufactured by Zenzelayo. Photo supplied

The business is based in KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga. “My biggest customers are people from Durban, Free State, Johannesburg and the Eastern Cape,” says Mtsweni. Despite being in KwaMhlanga, his business does a fine job of delivering to clients in other parts of the country but says this has also created a bit of a challenge for him at time though. “Nowadays there are so many scams, many people don’t trust our business because we market through social media and that puts our business down every day.”

Delivered: Zezelayo’s wooden serving plates delivered to a client. Photo supplied

His most selling product is the wooden serving plates, which work well for other businesses such as tshisa nyama restaurants or people in the catering business. The plates were introduced to the business only in 2020, but their popularity has surpassed some of the first products that Zenzelayo sold.

A serving: Zenzelayo wooden serving plates at work. Photo supplied

The business currently has three employees and Mtsweni believes it’s important to grow the township economy. “It’s so important for people to support kasi businesses cause most businesses in our country are owned by people from other countries that’s why our economy is so down. We need to support businesses in our kasi in order to uplift our economy.”

A gate by Zenzelayo. Photo supplied

For more information about Zenzelayo you can get in touch with them here:

☎️: +27 (0) 060 629 4447/ +27 (0) 71 214 5599
Facebook Page: Zenzelayo Pty. Ltd
📧: zenzelayoptyltd@gmail.com