We Are Spot-On

As you would have noticed, we have changed our name from Spotong to Spot-On. With this alternation we are taking ownership of our place in society as the gateway to the kasi economy.

As a publication with a strong focus on relaying the stories of entrepreneurs and businesses in all townships across South Africa, we found the new name to be in line with our three pillars; to Inform, Educate and Empower South African communities.

There are so many stories ekasi of innovative entrepreneurs who are doing well in their communities, that go unnoticed. We intentionally break-away from the stigma attached to townships-that people there are unproductive, ignorant and don’t care for the well-being of this country.

Hence through this new dawn of the publication, we firmly believe in supplying township folk with relevant and sensible content that reflects life ekasi. We have focused energy in the vital role we play in this ecosystem that is township economy.

We are Spot-On.